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Water and fertilize your trees at the roots, encouraging deeper roots and healthier trees with DeepDrip™ stakes. Water gets underground fast, so you can irrigate for shorter periods and save water. They also help aerate the soil, and you can add fertilizer into the shaft to direct nutrients to the root zone.

Three Lengths of Watering Stakes:

Use the 14″ stake for shallow root trees and shrubs, like rose bushes and ornamental trees (or boxed trees). The 24″ stake is best for most other tree varieties except for palms and similarly deeper rooted trees, which will benefit from the longer 36″ stakes.

Built Smart - And Easy To Use:

The DeepDrip reinforced tip, cap, and stakes are made from durable ABS plastic for longer life and operation. Multiple holes in the bottom half of the spike, internally covered by a mesh filter, allow water to flow out but keep dirt from getting in and clogging the tube. The UV-protected cap acts as a reinforced cover when pounding the stake into the ground, keeps debris from entering the shaft and holds a ¼″ drip line/emitter securely in place. By inserting a screwdriver through the two holes at the top of the upper shaft, stakes can be easily pulled up to remove/reposition, or rotated to deter root invasion.


DeepDrip™ Watering Stakes

Conserve up to 50% of your water use by:
  • Reduce surface run-off / erosion
  • Reduce surface evaporation
  • Reach “feeder-roots” faster for more effective watering
  • Reduce weeds common to overhead irrigation
  • Reduce watering time

Deep Drip Watering Stake system offers 3 lengths of stakes to meet site conditions and plant root depths. This product is applicable in commercial, nursery and/or AG applications where permanent or semi-permanent irrigation is needed.

  • The 14″ watering stake can be used for juvenile or shallow-rooted trees or shrubs. Ideal for nursery container stock 5-15 gallons
  • The 24″ water stake can be used for stone fruit or bearing tree varieties with shallow “feeder-roots” except for palm trees. Excellent for boxed trees of various depths.
  • The 36″ watering stake can be used for established or newly transplanted trees and palm trees to promote stronger root systems and disease-resistance.

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