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Profile™ Nozzles


Upgrade your sprinklers with Profile™, the ultra-high uniformity, water conserving, solid metal nozzles from Underhill®. You will see improved results immediately, save millions of gallons of water every year and improve the playability of your course at the same time…guaranteed.



* Improve Distribution Uniformity * Eliminates Donuts and Dry Spots

* Saves Water and Energy  * Enhanced Stewardship of the Environment

In independent testing, Proflie Solid Metal Nozzles have been proven to significantly save water and energy.* Superintendents who have switched to Profiles report reducing run times as much as 20 to 40 percent, while saving thousands of gallons of water every water every week. Reduced run times also mean less pump and energy costs.  Switch to Profile....they'll pay for themselves in water and energy savings!

* Center for Irrigation Technology, California State University, Fresno

  • app 1-before

    Golf Sprinkler with OEM Nozzles

  • app 1-after

    Same Golf Sprinkler with Profile Nozzles

  • app 1-before

    August 14:
    Profile nozzles installed in problem area

  • app 1-after

    September 6:
    Uniform distribution restored, turf is green and healthy

Use less water, less energy and
less manpower and get better course playability

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