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CoolPro™ Nozzle

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A hot summer day can be murder on your greens. Use too much water and you risk damage to the roots. CoolPro™ is the first nozzle specifically designed for the single purpose of lightly misting the turf canopy to cool without over watering. And its 25 foot fogging pattern gets the job done quickly.

Perfect for tournament play, CoolPro™ puts down only enough water to cool the turf canopy. It prevents wilting while maintaining good ball speed. CoolPro is a great tool for protecting grass on hot days without damaging roots.


  • 3/4" inlet (1" brass adapter available)
  • Ergonomic handle/valve provides easy grip and variable on/off control.
  • Durable solid metal design: zinc, aircraft aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Patented Precision™ nozzle fogs at 70 psi to deliver a 25 ft. pattern with only 4-6 GPM

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