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Magnum™ UltraMax Nozzles & Accessories

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Premium Hose-end Nozzles and Accessories

Step up to the most professional nozzle you can buy - MAGNUM™ UltraMax. Firefighter quality, but designed for turf use, these variable flow, multi-function nozzles are virtually indestructible and leak proof. The innovative TURBO SHIFT feature, available on both high-flow and low-flow models, provides two distinct GPM ranges for added versatility. And the outstanding distribution patterns of all MAGNUM UltraMAX nozzles make them excel in high demand areas like greens/tees, infield conditioning and equipment and stadium washdowns.

Heavy duty ball valve, push-pull on/off control handle and exceptional build quality for long life under demanding use. Available in Firefighter Grip for two-handed operation or ergonomic Pistol Grip for comfortable, extended use. Nozzles sold separately.

UltraMAX Turbo Shift UltraMAX Full Throttle TurboShift Firefighter Grip UltraMax Pistol Grip


  • Available in Full Throttle and Turbo Shift models
  • Multi-Pattern Spray: Fog, Jet Stream, Fan
  • Built for 1” and 3/4” Hose Flow Rates (range: 7-43 GPM)
  • Materials: Aircraft Aluminum, Stainless Steel, TPR Rubber

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