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Easy-Out Quick-Fix™

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Finally, a unique tool designed and engineered to help you do the job like never before...


Fast and Easy Sprinkler Body Replacement Tool

  • No Digging or Damage to Turf 
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Fits All Major "Spray Head" Brands.  (This is tool is not intended for any rotor-type sprinkler)
  • Compatible with the following "Fixed Spray" sprinkler series;
    • Toro 570 Series / Precision Nozzle Series

Hunter-Pro-Spray-Pop-Up-Body-generic-03  Typical Fixed Spray Head w/

1/2" Female Inlet

    • Irritrol I-Pro Series
    • Rain Bird 1800 / Rotary Nozzle Series
    • Hunter Pro Series / MP Rotator Series
    • Weathermatic LX Series
    • HIT 700 Series
  • Removes sprinkler in 3 minutes or less
  • Two sizes available (ordered separately) depending on body/ pop-up height
    • 2-6"
    • 2-12"
  • Optional ½" threaded plug when converting a fixed spray system to drip when the sprinkler head is no longer needed
  • Small compact size enables these to be carried on maintenance trucks or in tool boxes
  • Riser extender purchased as a separate part - not an Underhill part number
  • Conversion to subsurface drip components are separate - not an Underhill part number

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