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ICC Decoder Module

Hunter® ICC2 2Wire Decoder Module


Unparalleled Ease of Use and Installation
Great for New or Retrofit Projects

  • Fully compatible with Hunter’s re-introduced ICC2 controller
  • Manage up to 48 stations in either a wall mount plastic/metal enclosure or metal pedestal models
  • Operate up to 2 Decoders at the same time
  • Utilize in a new or retrofit application using existing field wire
  • Installs in minutes with all of the advantages of 2Wire technology
  • Uses a single ground rod for the 2Wire Decoder Module and no where else along the 2Wire path


The ICC2 2Wire Decoder Module makes sense more now than ever w/ Hunter’s reintroduction of the reliability and ease of use of their ICC2 controller series.

Installs in minutes providing additional stations above 38 for the wall and metal wall mount models.

For existing ICC controllers that are upgraded to ICC2, there is no need to reprogram existing decoders in the field.

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