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2-Way Fusion 3-Way Fusion
2-Way Fusion Decoder in Solenoid Without a Valve Adapter
3-Way Fusion Decoder in Solenoid
  • Convert almost any 3-way and 2-way 24VAC style solenoid valves to an Underhill 2Wire application
  • Compatible w/ any new model of Underhill Sapien™2Wire Controllers or Novo™ 2Wire Converter products.
  • Ideal for both new and retrofit applications
  • Built-in LED speeds up field troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Reduces field wire connections by 50% from any traditional 2Wire system.
  • Can also be applied in a multi-wire application without the need for programming.


The Fusion™ decoder-in-solenoid is another Underhill technological breakthrough, offering fewer wiring connections from a traditional 2Wire system installation while providing more benefits similar to a multi-wire application. Perfect for new construction and also a great advantage for retrofit applications. Available for International markets outside of the US only .

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